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We provide security supervisory and management training for contract and proprietary guard forces. Our instructors also provide workplace violence and active shooter awareness, First Aid/CPR/AED and Life safety for all of your organization's employees.

Front Line supervision will make or brake your guard service operation. Supervisors need a thorough understanding of physical security principles including but not limited to: incident command, de-escalation techniques, legal issues of private security, and many others. RDL expert security instructors will give your front line supervisors the direction they need to improve your guard operations.

Planning, coordination, direction, control, and organization are all skills an effective manager should posses. RDL will coach up your management level security personnel and give them the skills that will have your guard operation running like a well oiled machine.

Security guards and your staff would benefit from RDL's awarness trainings. We give your employees the tool to recognize and react to workplace violence and active shooter situations.

Life saftey is the top priority in our profession. Nothing improves the chances of survival more than a quick response to a medical emergency. RDL will train the members of your organization in First Aid/CPR/AED to save the lives of their peers a

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