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Business Continuity

RDL helps your organization stay on track through any event by guiding your staff through the processes of Incident/Crisis Management, Exercise/Drill design, Information Security, Internal Control Testing & Audits, and Due Diligence Investigations.

Can your business withstand a natural, mechanical, or human-made emergency. How far back will production be reset? Will your reputation recover? RDL's expert will manage your crisis and ensure that your business continues with minimal disruption.

Emergency plans and preparation are nothing without practice. Performance in an emergency does require some muscle memory. Active shooter, evacuation, and crisis management drills and exercises are just a few of the emergencies that RDL experts can prepare your staff to encounter.

Information is power. RDL will provide your organization with the tools to protect its power. Do not lose valuable and confidential information and trade secrets to insider threats or data breaches. RDL will put the policies and governance in place that will keep you to keep your competitive advantage.

Non-compliance with regulations and contractual obligations can financially cripple your organization. RDL will conduct internal control test and audits within your organization. Additionally, your company may need to audit vendors that it works with.

Planning to purchase another business. RDL experts will leave no stone unturned to ensure that decision makers have the most thorough, objective, relevant, timely, and accurate information.

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