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Security Consulting

Our security consulting services include, but are not limiter to: security policy and planning development, threat/vulnerability/risk assessments, travel intelligence, and physical protection system design.

RDL experts will develop all security policy and procedures for your organization. We cover everything from security master plans to hazard specific procedures. Our experts use the principles of Enterprise Security Risk Management to ensure security not only conforms to corporate culture, but improves the company's bottom line.

Our Threat/Vulnerability/Risk assessments helps you not only identify threats and risk levels to life safety, it will also identify threats to your budget. RDL has a fiduciary responsibility to provide our clients with the most cost-effective countermeasures.

If travel is a part of your business, travel intelligence is crucial to the safety of your employees. It has been established that travel emergency planning is the responsibility of the organization. We will help create the plan and train your staff in personal protection.

Need cameras, sensors, access control? Allow our experts to create an Adversary Sequence Design and advise on the most effective Physical Protection System design. Let us guide your organization through construction and installation.

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