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Security Firms Beware

Security Firms Beware As a small security firm, sales can be challenging at times. Long term lucrative deals may come few and far between. However, if a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Twice last year I came in contact with two deals that were just too good to be true. Thankful, I trusted my “spidey-sense”. Both deals were scams. Unfortunately, a colleague of mine fell victim to one of the scammers and is still feeling the ramifications months later. The scam basically goes as follows: 1. A call or email out of the blue requesting a quote for long term service that needs to start shortly. 2. The potential client wants to love things along quickly and offers to pay a deposit by check or credit card immediately in order to secure service. 3. The potential client sends or pays more than the deposit that is required, claims it was an error and request return of a portion of the deposit. 4. You find out that it was a fraud check or stolen card and now on the hook for the entire amount of the check cashed. 5. You will never hear from the potential client again. Small security firm owners, nothing will come easy. Always: 1. Meet your clients. 2. Inspect the site. 3. Do your due diligence before entering any long term agreement. 4. Do not be rushed. 

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